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Charles Staley’s first guest post here at Target Focus Fitness created a firestorm of controversy (much like the early reactions to TFT in fact), and his 2nd and 3rd posts were no less provocative. After numerous requests from folks asking how they could train (or IF they could train) with Charles, we approached him with the hope that we could put some type of an arrangement together for those of you who might be interested in taking advantage of Charles’ expertise.

After a few phone calls and a volley of e-mails, we’ve arrived at two services that Charles will provide to our members:

  1. Hands-On Training with Charles in Scottsdale, Arizona. This option is preferable for beginners and/or those with orthopedic issues that require hands-on supervision.
    photo-4A one-week “training vacation” with Charles includes 3 training sessions with Charles (Custom training stays can also be arranged) at a well-equipped, private 1200-sq. foot facility in North Scottsdale. He has agreed to work with a limited number of TFT members, choosing those who he feels stand the best chance of benefiting from working with him, based on a pre-screening questionnaire that will be send to prospective clients. During your down-time, there’s plenty to do in the Phoenix area, from dining and shopping, to day trips to nearby picturesque Sedona, Flagstaff, or Tucson.Those interested in this training option take care of their own travel and accommodations (we’re happy to provide a list of suggested nearby hotels upon request), or we’re also happy to handle these details for you — just let us know.
  2. Online Coaching: This option is preferred for more experienced trainees without significant illnesses or orthopedic issues.
  1. 71884_496215037098084_1148299805_nIf you’ve got some experience with resistance training and you don’t have any significant health problems, Online Coaching might be a smart option for you. Very often, all you need is a skilled coach, an intelligently-designed plan, and objective feedback about your progress. All of these add up to accountability and confidence in your plan.Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to a history questionnaire, Charles’ personal phone number for office hours, and another link to our members-only forum. Once you’ve completed your questionnaire, you’ll receive a call from Charles, and shortly after that, your first month’s training program. Once a week, you connect with Charles during his weekly office hours, and you’ll have unlimited, anytime access to him and other Remote Coaching members through our online forum.You’ll receive an updated program (based on your progress, shifting goals, etc), and of course, ongoing support (through phone, internet, and e-mail) each month that you remain in the Remote Coaching Program. If at any point you’d like to discontinue your Remote Coaching membership, just send us a note and we’ll be more than happy to cancel your membership right away, no questions asked.

For more information on personal coaching…

If tapping into Charles’ wealth of information on fitness and nutrition is of interest to you, simply fill out the information below (phone is optional; Charles will only call if he has trouble contacting you by email).

Depending on which option above is of most interest to you, he’ll email you a questionnaire to learn more about your needs and requirements. From there, the two of you will mutually decide the next best step.

Please understand there is NO obligation on your part. So you’ve got nothing to lose by filling out this form and determining if Charles might be able to help.

(Understand that even if you don’t end up working together, Charles almost always has an idea or two he’ll pass along that just may prove to be the spark that gets you on the right track.)

And, of course, your information will be kept strictly confidential.

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