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In the ever-expanding fitness arena, there is an inverse correlation between the amount of available information and the fitness levels of those who consume it. We’re thirsty for truth, yet at the same time drowning in a sea of information.

The problem starts with the definition of the word itself: most people assume that “fitness” is synonymous with having a trim appearance or with great health. Neither is necessarily true. Instead, fitness means preparedness — the ability to accomplish a task without harming your body in the process.

This means that fitness is context-dependent: In order to be truly fit, you must first identify your objective. Once the target has been identified, you must be willing to select your strategies and tactics based on evidence-based methods, rather than dogma, superstition, and marketing-hype.

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Finally, getting fit isn’t nearly as physically demanding as it is a cognitive challenge: be ready to “empty your cup” as the old zen saying goes — a “beginner’s mind” is a requirement for what you’re about to experience.

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Tim Larkin
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